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Get into freerolls to improve your poker skills

Poker Night

Poker is a game where you can lose a lot of money quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing – and even when you do know what you’re doing, it’s still probable! Playing online, you could be up against any level of opponent, and you won’t know it until it’s too late and you’re out of pocket.

You may think you’re safer sticking to the games where you’re not up against other people and play the online games arcade instead. There are certainly plenty of entertaining slots and video pokers you can play by yourself. But if you enjoy a challenge, you’ll certainly find one in playing poker. If you’re an absolute novice but you want to get into online poker, one way to do this without risking any of your own dough is to play the freeroll tournaments that you’ll find on many of the casino sites.

Most casinos will give you a welcome bonus when you join and pay an initial deposit. This is usually either a 100% bonus, which matches the player’s deposit, or 200% which doubles it. If the site has poker on it as well – and most of them do – new players will often be offered entry to a number of freeroll tournaments, too.

A freeroll is a poker tournament that costs nothing to play but there’s still a cash pot to play for. As the pot is put up by the casino none of the players have anything to lose, but they have everything to play for. That’s what makes them a great environment to learn the skills of playing poker. You can take riskier decisions than you would do with your own money, and if they don’t work out, it doesn’t matter. You’ll probably pick up some tips from seeing how other people play their hands, too. One problem with freerolls is that sometimes you get people signing up to the tournament, but then they don’t actually show up to play. This is probably because they’ve made no financial commitment to the game as entry is free. While the disadvantage of this is that the games can be a bit slow to begin with, when you’ve got through the first few rounds, the level of play improves and the pace quickens. Of course, one advantage of players not turning up to play is that it increases your own chances of winning!

The casinos will only give you a certain amount of freerolls to play, but by the time you’ve played a few freeroll tournaments you’ll be ready to start playing games that require you to put your own money down anyway. Make the most of the free practice and you never know, you may win a couple of pots while you’re there!