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Money Cheats

There are several money cheats that are widely used by the gamers in order to take an advantage over the no deposit casino while gambling at slots. Money cheats are considered to be the winning slots methods that are referred to the cheating by means of the variety of coins.

An array of money cheats

Nowadays the variety of various tokens and coins may be used at slots. There are the most widespread money cheats, alongside sabotage, drilling, monkey wire, etc.:

String and coin

It is known to be the simplest one of all the money cheats. The idea is extremely simple, as well. The point is that the gamer tapes the string to the particular coin and inserts it into the slots. Then as soon as the slot machine registers that the coin was put, the coin returns back to the gamer due to the string.

The most significant is that the repetition of the following process may give the gamer the extra credits without spending money.

Shaved coins

Some clever gamers discovered that if the coin is a bit shaved (approximately 0.040”), the slots will certainly register the coin as being put, but immediately discharge it. The same effect is as in the case with the string and coin trick. However, in the latest slots modifications, vendors managed to develop the optical coin readers that are far more sophisticated to be cheated.

Counterfeit money

It is not considered to be the specific slot winning tool; however, it affects the outcomes of slots gambling. Some counterfeit bills, for example, are used often enough to cheat at casinos.

Counterfeit tokens

Some casinos switched their slots from the coin accepting to the token accepting as the initial deposit to start the game. The most interesting is the fact that it was realized mostly to avoid cheating at slots, however, it worked not for a long time. Counterfeit tokens are used. Gamers resort to hand-making such tokens as copies of the original casino tokens.

Shaved tokens

It is approximately the same method as the shaved coins; however, tokens here are to be shaved. The slot machine registers the deposit, but spits it out as being illegitimate token.


Slugs are known to be the circles made of metal that are approximately the same in width, diameter, magnetic properties, and weight of the ordinary coin. The machine accepts them without problem as real coins or tokens.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, there also are coin emulation, bill validator frauds, and the others.